Code of Conduct

code of conduct



Code of Conduct Policy

The Barnstable Silver Bullets require that the following Code of Conduct shall apply to ALL PARTICIPANTS in our program. This includes players, coaches, board of directors, volunteers and parents in attendance at games, practices or events.

The Barnstable Silver Bullets shall in all instances be guided by the core values of SAFETY, INTEGRITY, RESPECT AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. All participants are expected to exhibit behavior that adheres to these core values at all times, in any activity or situation that is related to the Barnstable Silver Bullets.


Violations for players shall include but are not limited to:

Profanity or inappropriate language Taunting, hazing or any other degrading activity.

Arguing or showing disrespect to football officials or coaches

Violations of the above may result in a verbal and or written warning (1st offense); suspension (2nd offense); and/or expulsion (3rd offense).


At any Barnstable Silver Bullet event, practice or game, any adult who: 1) verbally abuses; 2) attempts to intimidate; 3) is flagrantly rude; 4) cannot control their language or actions with an official, coach, player, volunteer or fellow parent, will be asked to leave that event. He or she will receive a written warning regarding their behavior. In addition, his or her child will be immediate removed from the Barnstable Silver Bullet event.

Any adult who commits a second similar offense during the same season will be banned from attending Barnstable Silver Bullet events for the remainder of the season. In addition, the offending adults child may be barred from participation for the rest of the season.

Any adult who physically assaults an official, coach, player, fellow parent of volunteer will be banned from the Barnstable Silver Bullets program and their child removed for the remainder of the season.

Parents /Fans are prohibited from being on the playing field/sidelines during practice/games unless they are a coach appointed volunteer serving a specific purpose. There is no filming players from the sidelines/stands.

There is zero tolerance for any type of slander or negative comments against players/ coaches on social media.

The board of directors may review any Code of Conduct infractions violations or incidences as outlined above. All Suspensions and/or expulsions will be at the sole discretion of the board of directors. Head coaches may give recommendations for punishment for players who commit a first- offense violation or infraction of the code of conduct.

All parents/guardians agree to abide by the Bylaws of the OCYFL and the Barnstable Silver Bullets Bylaws. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the league. Any complaints or concerns may be addressed through the Barnstable Silver Bullets League Representative.

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