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2023 Program Information


Barnstable Youth Football – 2023 Player Sign-Ups 



  1. All NEW players need a copy of their Birth Certificate, which we give to the league. Please do not bring or mail your original doc.
  2. Payment: Check, cash or online in the amount of $250 per child (or $200 each for 2; or $175 each for 3). If registered AFTER AUG. 1st, the cost is $300 for the 1st child (or $250 each for 2; or $225 each for 3).
  3. Code of conduct form . There will be a mandatory player/parent opening meeting . All must attend and sign our Code of Conduct form.  ( more information can be found under BYF  Code 0f Conduct Policy tab)
  4. Due to increasing numbers, register early to assure availability.
  5. You must Have a Town of Barnstable Address to play for the Barnstable Silver Bullets.  ( it does not matter if you attend Barnstable Schools, must have a Town of Barnstable Address)

6.  Waiver requests will be considered by the OCYFL on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed. The league encourages all players to apply to the program in your town of residence, if one exists, in case the waiver is not approved.  The OCYFL board will not consider/render any waiver decisions until the August 14 meeting. Any player interested in playing for the Barnstable Silver Bullets who require a waiver should apply by June 1.

Practice will begin on Friday, August 11 and will be held Monday through Thursday until school starts from 5:45–7:30 p.m. After school starts, practices will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:45–7:30 p.m. All practices are held at the BHS football practice complex. It is strongly recommended that players come to practice in shape!!!


We supply all equipment including chin strap this year, players are responsible for rubber-soled cleats (metal and removable spikes are not allowed), athletic supporter, girdle, and mouthpiece. The mouthpiece must be a color (not clear) and attach to the facemask. Prior to equipment hand-out, your child should wear shorts, T-shirt and cleats to practice. See below for equipment deposit now required.


There are three divisions:                Ages:                                          Weight Limits: To Participate in Games – See staff for exceptions

Mites       110 lbs         D.O.B       Between 9/1/15  and 7/1/13             (Mite players must attain the age of 8 by Sept. 1/23) * if you have a 7 year old interested in playing, please contact us.

Pee Wees     135 lbs     D.O.B     Between 7/2/13  and 7/1/11           

Midgets      170lbs       D.O.B   Between 7/2/11  and 11/15/08   (No Midget shall attain the age of 15 before July 1, 2023)

Or have reached the 9th grade for 2023 Fall School Year

***Please see our Weight Limit Tab for clarification on weight

Once Players have received their game jerseys they are considered part of the official roster. If they leave the program after Jeresy handout there will be no refund (unless they do not make weight). If you are refunded and lose or misplace your check, you will not be issued a replacement check.


All parents are required to donate at least 4 hours of their time to the Helmet Drive and also any of the following, man the concession stand, collect gate donations, or help with game and field support. Sign-up sheets will be available at parent information night and at the information table during practices. Sign Up Genius will be available once schedules have been solidified. Fundraising activities are also necessary to keep the participation fee low, purchase equipment and other expenses. The Silver Bullets is a non-profit organization and the people who keep the program running are volunteers. See below for volunteer deposit now required.


Volunteer/Equipment Deposits: Like most other programs, the Silver Bullets will collect an additional $75 volunteer deposit per family (to be paid by Aug. 11th). After you complete 4  hours of volunteer service, your check will be returned to you. Also, we must collect an additional $100 equipment deposit per child (to be paid by Aug. 11th) to ensure the return of equipment at the end of the season. When ALL equipment is returned, the money will be refunded to you. Please pay each of these additional fees with separate checks or cash. If you do not comply with these requirements, these fees will not be refunded.

On-Line Registration: Click on link on our home page

We look forward to seeing you! Barnstable Youth Football, Inc. / Silver Bullets Board of Directors and Coaching Staff

Any questions please email:


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