Out of Town Players


If your player does not reside in the Town of Barnstable, our program must apply for a waiver for the player through the ​league we participate in, the Old Colony Youth Football League.

This process includes representatives from all other towns in the league voting on whether to approve or deny the waiver. We do not have control over whether a waiver is allowed or denied. Waivers will only be granted in extenuating circumstances. The league has also indicated that school choice, or attending school in a particular town, alone, does not suffice to grant a waiver. However, if your player resides in a town that does not currently have a youth football program (i.e., Falmouth), a waiver is more likely to be granted for that player.

Waiver requests will be heard by the league and determine​d at the league meeting in August. If your player resides in a town that has a program, we highly encourage you to sign up for the program as well since we will not know whether a waiver is granted until after the league meeting.

Waiver request must be submitted no later than June 1, 2024 via email to barnstablesilverbullets@gmail.com

Thank you